To open links in a new window or not, that is the question

I was wading through my email this evening when I came across one from a fellow blogger who mentioned that they disliked my practice of opening links in a the same browser window. She dislikes having to right-mouse click and select to open the link herself in a new tab/window. That got me thinking, and while I appreciate the need for going somewhere quick, AND her desire to not want to leave my page (thank you very much sweetie!), I still prefer the practice of opening my hyperlinks in the same browser window. Here’s why…

10 Things: The Domestiquette

I don’t know how she came across 10 Things, but I’m damn glad she did. And I’m damn irritated she wanted a review. What’s with all these good bloggers asking me for a review? The name is 10 things I HATE about your site. Not 10 reasons I love it. But I get ahead of myself. I was asked for a review, and a review I will give. So, The Domestiquette, here are 10 8 things I hate about your site.

  1. I want candy. Eye candy that is.
  2. Who are you?
  3. I Can Has Cheezburger in your blogroll. Really?
  4. Your Twitter hasn’t been updated in 7 days.
  5. Your sidebar right margin needs some breathing room.
  6. You’ve gotta keep ‘em separated!” Your most recent posts, that is.
  7. Why does your plugin for related posts have cute little thumbnails, but your posts are naked as a jaybird? (See #1)
  8. Comments are closed on a post that’s not even 30 days old?

Updated: Zen Bananas!

I love when I feel like the work I put in here at 10 things pays off!1 I feel this way today, as I visit a blog I haven’t been to in awhile: ZenBananas I reviewed this blog back in September (10 Things: ZenBananas) and while I only found 3 things to hate, there were some definite improvements to make. I’m so impressed that TopBanana went far and above my three little suggestions—his zen-like blog theme is now worthy of his zen content.

  1. Not a cash payoff, unfortunately. At least not yet. ;) []

10 Things: The Queen Speaks

My very first impression of The Queen Speaks was “Wow! Nice Blogger template!“. I’m always a little concerned when I see “blogspot” in a blog’s URL that I’ve been asked to review. Not because Blogger is bad,1 but because unless you are willing to take the extra time to tweak the available themes or go out and find a custom theme, I end up repeating myself. ;)

I was pleasantly surprised to see this great theme. Of course, that’s not to say there aren’t things I hate. 8-)

So, The Queen Speaks, here are 10 things I hate about your site:

  1. Holy blog description, Batman!
  2. Read more—I get the point.
  3. I don’t know what “Daily Mugshot” is, but it’s a good thing I’m not epileptic.
  4. We have another victim of Fonticitis.2
  5. I’m in sidebar hell.
  6. Speaking of the sidebar, if having so much stuff is a compulsion, make sure it fits.
  7. Help! I’m trapped! Oh, wait, there’s the door.
  8. I’ve found some other content, but I have no idea what it’s supposed to be.
  9. Does anyone actually use the “voting” at the bottom of your posts? (And shouldn’t this actually be at the end of the post?)
  10. It annoys me that I have to use only “premade” profile options when leaving a comment.

  1. Blogger is a great tool for the blogger who’s not a control freak. []
  2. Fonticitis: the use of too many different font formats (bold, colors, italics, size, font faces, etc. []

10 Things:

This review would be so different if I’d have done it a few months ago—It appears that our friend Rarst has updated his blog theme. I am finding myself conflicted with the current look. Conflicted because I really don’t care much for it, but I’m going to be hard-pressed to put to paper 10 specific things I hate. So, let’s see what thoughts I can formulate., here are 10 4 things I hate about your site.

  1. Wow, there is A LOT going on here. So much to see—and I haven’t even clicked anywhere yet.
  2. One word: boxy.
  3. Black and white—good for prison stripes, I Love Lucy reruns, and poignant family photos.
  4. Don’t tease me with part of an image, I can handle the whole thing.

10 things: Writer’s Round-About

Here we have another patient soul who has waited, and waited, and waited, for quite some time, to have a 10 things review, so first I want to say “Thanks!” for sticking around and keeping with me. :D

The Writer’s Round-About has been around since 2007 which is pretty impressive in blog years. I’ve been a visitor there for about a year now, and like KOME Rocks, I’ve never had the time to delve too deeply into the content. I’ve left a comment or two and am now looking forward to taking a much closer look. So, Writer’s Round-About, here are 10 things I hate about your site:

  1. The blocky title graphic and feed icons in the header scream “1999!” (and not in a Prince way).
  2. Speaking of your header, there are some alignment/spacing issues across different browsers.
  3. Your social networking icons are having an identity crisis.
  4. I want <!--more-->
  5. I want more.
  6. Unicode, like the unicorn, should never be seen.
  7. More Firefox problems: the Categories aren’t opening in FF2 on a PC.
  8. So many views, so few comments.
  9. Contact Rebecca and Services are not the same thing.
  10. There is SO much going on here—writing, web design, WP guru—it’s like all the voices in your head are vying for post time. ;)

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